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We are master planners, collaborators, designers, engineers, and project managers. We are big picture thinkers with attention to the smallest detail. We design projects; we build them and ensure they function as well as they were intended. We are specialists and generalists, able to distill complex ideas into manageable and achievable tasks. We are mountain resort planners, land development consultants, venue designers and construction managers.

We have helped bring complex projects to life - from Olympic venues to large mountain residential estates. From developers to municipalities and from athletes to Olympic Organizing Committees, we have collaborated to deliver outstanding results. We understand projects. We are Bromley Projects Limited.
We help bring complex projects to life


Carson Hamm
Carson Hamm, President

For over two decades Carson has provided guidance and expertise on a wide variety of mountain resort projects. His design and engineering background coupled with his expertise in spatial data systems has allowed him to deliver solutions to complex projects for a wide variety of clients. From municipalities to Olympic Organizing Committees, he has worked with a wide array of groups to successfully deliver world-class projects.

Working collaboratively with stake-holders to deliver design and master planning services for projects in mountain resorts, Carson ensures the project team understands the goals and visions of the client and partners. His background in land economics and construction management ensure that the design solutions meet the budgetary requirements and timelines required for successful project delivery.
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Services and Process

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We are a versatile firm capable of handling complex projects. Our experience, education and practical knowledge base are the foundation of our organization. We strive to deliver progressive solutions for mountain resorts and Olympic venue projects around the world. Resorts are where we live and thrive and we bring that expertise to all our projects. We are just as comfortable in a board room as we are on a construction site. We're not afraid to get our boots dirty. Actually, we prefer it. We are hands on, or more accurately boots-on. Getting to know your site and your project is as important as getting to know you. We can't do it from a board room alone, and that's why we insist on spending time on the ground.

We offer a full range of services for your project from planning and design through to visualization and construction management. We will tailor make a solution that fits an approved timeline and budget. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the desired results.

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We are at home in the mountains and we bring that knowledge to every project


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